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Drinking water makes a beautiful skin.
Posted by Berof On Sun 25 Feb, 2018

[ Skin's World ] by Dr. Awais
#DrinkingWaterMakesBeautifulSkin !!
Wrinkles arise from Skin Aging
As well as drinking insufficient water.😨 
Water is essential to the blood circular system.
And it's a component to 2 IN 3 of the body.

💦 If the blood circulation is good, it will nourish the skin and any other part of body. 🚿

💦Drinking water makes skin moisture. The result is
The wrinkles would reduced and won't be too much. Because when our skin has more elasticity, it cannot produce the fine lines/ wrinkles.
Since reading this article, you would like to drink tons of water, won't you ?? LOL 🤣🤣
The sufficient amount of water is also important.
That's roughly is 8 glasses per day.
[1 Glass = 250 ml]
but it should not drink 8 glasses in one time... 
No!! Do not Do!!🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️
You have to drink slowly and little by little whole days without letting you thirsty.
Now, some of the healthy person also has a calculation of amount water intake for each person. 😮📝📈
For Drinking too much water, the downside is, it could affect kidney function, which is too much overload.
How do you know when we should drink water ?? 😮 
Please also notice whether you are thirsty or dry lips or your urine is in dark yellow color (usually it's yellow and bright) that means it's a time that we should find water to drink. 😅
⭐️Beauty tips!! ⭐️
For anyone who wants to change your habit on drinking water.
Try to find a cute glass and start caring with you. Take a sip of water more often and "your skin will be beautiful" .
It's important to know that the water in this place does not include soft drink or coffee. 🍷🍹🍼🍺

#ForExample Sarah Smith 
42-Year-old British woman
She has been drinking water 3 liters a day for 4 weeks. The result is.. her baby's face !!!😁😁
There's a lot of good other consequences that "Sarah".
📌 Her weight reduced more than 2 Kg.
📌Wrinkles on the face fade away
📌The face is brighter.
Other people around her, specially her husband and her children say in the same voice that "Sarah" is so much younger.

Please take a sip of water after finish reading this article !!
Dr Awais, Dermatologist

Credit of image: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/

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