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[ From BreakOut to Beauty ] The most painful moment of my life. How did I cure these Acne ?
Posted by Berof On Wed 28 Feb, 2018


I may not be able to explain so well, but i would like to share my story of my acne breakout.

I would say the problem was due to  the use of the cheap moisturizer and cosmetics.

Let's see my picture below.

Berof Skincare. Acne Treatment Lahore


Do not be Freak out !! Before starting the review, let me say something to you. I had used varieties of creams and cosmetics. Whichever people said it's good, I had already tried all !! LOL because I think Girls should not stop being beautiful !!!


Here it's come the peakest point of the story. After using so many products, I think it is the time to have a break for my face  But unexpected things happend !! The Acne Arised from around the mouth then Cheak and Also my Jaw line !!


The symptoms are very severe. It was very painful, itching, and stinging moment of my life. The acne was being underneath the skin. I noticed the pus. All of these symptoms happened in only 1 month!!


The point is I have to wear makeup when i am doing my job.  I worked in the aesthetic clinic as medical assistant. I need to look beautiful when giving the advise to the patient. When this thing happens to you, you know ?? It is very embarrasing. You would not want to meet with anyone. Because they will say what happened to your face?? Why it is full of acne??



I started finding the information on How to get rid of my acne ? Finally, I met with Berof Skincare by Dermatologist facebook. I discussed with Dr.Awais (through Inbox).  He is very nice Dermatologist.

I used around 3 months to cure the acne with Berof Skincare.

Here is my pictures.


Berof Skincare Acne treatment Lahore

Berof Skincare Acne treatment Lahore

Berof Skincare Acne treatment Lahore


Another Side.....


Berof Skincare Acne Treatment LahoreBerof Skincare Acne Treatment Lahore


Now Let's see which product i had used for this Acne treatment..

1. Berof Extra Sensitive Makeup Milky Lotion Cleanser

2. Berof Facial Liquid Cleanser for Sensitive Skin

3. Berof Whitening Gel

4. Berof Acne Gel ******* most recommeded !!!

5. Berof Facial Sunscreen UV Sun SPF 50 PA +++


How to use

1. BEROF Extra Sensitve Makeup Milky Lotion Cleanser

How to use: Pump Berof Milky Lotion Cleanser 4-5 pump on the cotton pad. Wipe out the dust and makeup from the face. It helps removing the blackheads and comedones from my face.  And It smoothens the skin significantly after using.

Berof Skincare Acne Treatment Lahore

2. BEROF Facial Liquid Cleanser For Sensitive Skin.

How to use : Pump it 1-2 pumps then mix a little bit with water until you see the bubbles. Then wash your face with it and then rise it again with the water. This product i love very much because it cleanse skin deeply and feeling moist and hydrated after using. And it is Hypoallergenic, it means it will not cause you more acne problems.

Berof Skincare Acne Treatment Lahore

3. Berof Whitening Gel

I love it very much. This is the best moisturizer that i had ever use !! So good feeling after using.

How to use: apply it all over you face after washing your face with Berof Facial Liquid Cleanser. You can put it more frequent on dark spots and acne scars. It will cure the pigmentation and scars very quickly. ( I used 3 !!) 

Berof Skincare Acne Treatment Lahore

4. Berof Acne Gel

How to use : Apply on Inflammed acne twice a day in the morning and everning  only on acne( but I used more frequent than that !! I expected the quicker result !)  It is very good it cures all inflammed acne on my face.

Berof Skincare Acne Treatment Lahore


5. Berof Facial Sunscreen UV Sun Spf 50 PA +++

How to use : Apply once in the morning. 

This Sunscreen will not clog the pores, so it does not cause acne formation. I love it very much because it is oil controlled and does not feel stincky at all. There is no alcohol, paraben, perfume so it is perfect for my sensitve skin. it also makes my skin brighter day by day.


Berof Skincare Acne Treatment Lahore



To you who have acne and feeling depressed, I would say please do not give up !! Only you can do it. Keep patient and consult with Dr.Awais. The acne will finally disappear. Do not quit in the middle on the acne treatmet. Keep Going !!!


Berof Skincare Acne Treatment Lahore

Berof Skincare Acne treatment Lahore


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